Steve Flowers was born and raised in Troy, Alabama. He attended public schools in Troy. He became a Page in the Alabama Legislature at age 12 and worked at the State Capitol throughout his high school years. Upon graduation from high school in Troy, he continued to the University of Alabama where he was a student leader and served in the student Senate. He graduated from the Capstone in 1974 with a degree in Political Science, History and English.

In 1982, at age 30, he entered politics and was elected state representative from his home county of Pike. In that, his first race, he received the largest number of votes for any person in the history of Pike County. In his first year in the legislature, “Alabama Magazine” named him the most outstanding Freshman member. He was overwhelmingly reelected four times. He left undefeated and uncontested choosing not to seek reelection in 1998.

During his tenure in the legislature Steve sustained a perfect attendance record for 16 consecutive years. In 1988, his House colleagues passed a resolution naming him The Most Ethical Member of the House, and in 1992, his colleagues voted him The Most Outstanding Member of the Alabama House of Representatives.

After leaving the legislature, Steve began writing a weekly column on Alabama politics. Overnight, it became the leading and most widely read column on Alabama politics in the state.

Today, Steve Flowers is Alabama’s premier political journalist and commentator. His weekly column “Inside the Statehouse” appears in over 60 Alabama newspapers and publications with a circulation approaching 400,000. His dominance of Alabama political commentary is legendary and unparalleled in Alabama history.

In addition to his informative and entertaining weekly column he can be seen regularly on television outlets in Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Dothan. His weekly public television show, “Alabama Politics with Steve Flowers” is seen throughout the state. As Alabama’s premier columnist and commentator, Steve has analyzed Alabama politics for national television audiences on CBS, ABC, PBS, Fox, CNN, and the BBC.

His 2015 best selling book Of Goats and Governors, Six decades of Colorful Alabama Political Stories takes readers down memory lane with Alabama’s rich and colorful political history. It is the Hallmark of political Lore in the Heart of Dixie.

Steve Flowers has been an up close participant and observer of the Alabama political scene for more than 60 years. He had a 16 year illustrious career in the Alabama Legislature. He now has been Alabama’s leading and most widely read political columnist for the past 20 years. He is generally considered the ultimate authority on Alabama politics and Alabama political history.